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Therapy Services

DBT is an evidenced based treatment that has been found to greatly benefit those who experience emotions intensely, feel there is no hope, are engaging in self harming behaviors and at times feel as if they do not know who they are. This is beneficial when experiencing;

  • emotions that change quickly

  • depression that does not leave

  • anxiety

  • intense anger

  • feeling as if your emotions are in control of your life and that there is no way to change them.

  • addiction or use behaviors

  • self injurious behaviors

  • difficulty in relationships

  • feeling empty, lost or not feeling as if you know who you are.


Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) is an evidenced based treatment for trauma with and without PTSD. 

DBT-PE (Prolonged Exposure) is also an evidenced based treatment for those who benefit from DBT and who have experienced trauma or have PTSD. 

Tandra is intenstively or advanced trained in DBT, CPT and DBT-PE.


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