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Tandra T. Baker, Tapestry of Wellness, LLC was founded in 2006. Tandra is a Licensed Professional Counselor - Mental Health (LPC-MH), Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) and Qualified Mental Health Practitioner (QMHP) in the state of South Dakota, a DBT-Linehan Board, Certified Clinician and is a Board Certified-TeleMental Health Provier (BC-TMH). Tandra has been providing mental health and addiction counseling services for over 20 years and Dialectal Behavior Therapy (DBT) for the past 12 years plus. She has had the privilege of working with many adults with both mental health and addiction concerns in hospital, outpatient and private practice settings. She has presented at numerous professional training and conferences.

Tandra is passionate about helping you live your best life. Your decision to find resolution and harmony in your life is respected and Tandra appreciates the opportunity to walk with you in your journey.

Tandra is the first clinician in South Dakota to have earned the certification as a DBT-Linehan Board, Certified Clinician. For more information on DBT and the certification process go to . She has been Intensively Trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy by Behavioral Tech in Part 1 & 2.

Tandra is also Intensively Trained in DBT-PE by the founder, Melanie Harned, Ph.D.. For more information on PE for treatment for PTSD go to

She also has Advanced training in CPT for trauma by Dr. Chard.

Areas of Specialty Include:

  • CPT - Cognitive Processing Therapy for trauma and PTSD
  • DBT Therapy & Skills Training
  • Meditative Breathwork
  • Addiction Recovery & DBT and Substance Use Disorders
  • Health Professionals (anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, work related concerns, addictions, etc.)
  • DBT-PE for treatment of PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Emotion regulation
  • Mindfulness

Specialized Training's:

  • Advanced Training in CPT by Dr. Chard, Level I & Level II
  • Intensively Trained in DBT-PE by founder Melanie Harned, Ph.D. of DBT PE
  • Intensively DBT Trained (Part 1 &Part 2) by Behavioral Tech
  • Certification in Meditative Breathwork
  • Creating and Maintaining an Effective DBT Consultation Team with Advanced DBT Supervision
  • Behavioral Chain Analysis & Strategies Training
  • DBT Validation Principles & Strategies
  • DBT Mindfulness, Willingness & Radical Acceptance
  • DBT Transforming Difficult Moments
  • DBT & Eating Disorders Training
  • DBT & Substance Use Disorders Training 
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